Welcome to Demoneater, an adult dark fantasy growth-RPG.

About Demoneater

The game is set in a land that is in shambles after demons invaded it. After receiving a magical necklace from a mysterious woman, you gain the power to devour those demons and grow stronger! Your task is to discover the mystery behind the demonic apocalypse.

Game Features (In Development)

  • JRPG - a turn-based battle system with an Action Point (AP) system where your moves planning will determine your victory.
  • Unique Classes - Over 5 different classes with their own playstyles, story progressions, and "fun" scenes…
  • Myriad Builds - Each class has multiple combinations of moves you can experiment with to create a build that matches your playstyle.
  • Challenging Foes - Every enemy is designed to defEAT you with their own diverse set of skills! Be sure to adapt... or you'll get eaten a lot.
  • Choose Your Fate - Each character has their own agenda, and it's up to you who you want to help and what kind of fate will befall on the land.
  • "Fun" Scenes - The "fun" stuff will focus on male M/M & M/F content.


If you have any complaints or suggestions, feel free to discuss or comment below. You can access the latest and premium version of the game through the Patreon link here:

Patreon Link

Note: The game is best played on pc browser.
My Social Media: FurAffinityTwitter

StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(93 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsAdult, Bara, Fantasy, LGBT, Monsters, Text based
Average sessionA few hours

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This is a good game, but the content is a bit boring,if you want to fight, you can only click repeatedly in one place. Perhaps you can add some new content.

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Its fun conceptually, but some decisions i just dont understand, once you reach level 13 you are not allowed to leave back to hte hidden prison again? Because im now a level 13 muscle warrior, stuck with the final enemies in the game which i have NO chance beating. I was hoping to maybe get better items, but that is not allowed I guess. So there goes all the time I invested in playing this game.

Combat balance is a bit too harsh, harsh in the way that even will all the luck on your side, some battles just CANNOT be won. Until that is fixed i wouldnt really recommend it.

Tried the other builds and man, the enemies really are all painfully overtuned.

So im playing a rouge at lv13 in the sinister range and I encountered a problem where I cannot go back to any other area besides the valley of death and I'm essentially stuck in the sinister range. 

Not sure if this is intentional or a mistake with the code but I can't do anything else since I'm not a patron.


Is it shameless to ask for the patreon version? Only if you're not gonna keep updating this game.

The battles are not that bad at all if ya allocate stats good at the start along with not leveling up fast for a time (or times) and build up your inventory with equipment and items.   I can level very fast since I know what to expect.  
I hope a update for this game arrives soon since it's been a long time since I saw one.    T3NS3N along with the rest who helping make this game...thank you all and please continue to do what y'all gotta do to get more of this game released.

Não tem como colocar no idioma em português não??

O jogo foi feito no Twine, dá pra usar o tradutor nele se você usar via arquivo ou pelo site.

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as much as i want to enjoy this game, the battles are almost comically difficult.  they need a SERIOUS nerf because the designs are hot but it's so hard to enjoy the scenes and overall game with such an unbalanced combat system. on top of this, if you lose, you start from the beginning which forces you to have to save before every expedition lest you die to a self healing mosquito and have to restart. 3/10 nice scenes but the gameplay is too difficult to enjoy hope to see some improvements soon ^^


Game is good but wth is with this unbalance??? Freaking slime that every time hit one it just buff hp more and more and have more damage and a mosquito that inf damage you and heal self and a demon hound that deal a lot critical damage on you and a ortheus that auto stun and deal insane damage on you fix this unbalance stuff bruh


It would be even better if it could be archived

Hey hey. You can do that. I had the same problem, but it was my cell phone screen.  Try rotating the cell phone screen or putting the browser in computer mode and it should appear.


I do like the game, but: 

- make escaping easier; or

- balance the fights; or

- don't go to game over.


Did something happen with the updates?

I unlocked Valley of Death and now I'm stuck in Sinister Range (I'm not given the option to go back to Ruined Kingdom)

You need to finish Valley of Death

The update?


The difficulty of the game is pretty tight, it would be nice to reduce the need to Save-spam if there was a softer defeat after encounters rather than a dark souls style defeat. 

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The berserker bangle has the same problem as before. Not prepared for sorcerer.

And the blood pendant doesn´t work with charged damage.

Yeah, I haven't had time to input new items T_T. I'll check the blood pendant issue. Thanks for the heads up

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The lightning rod of the sorcerer-muscle path is quirky. It looks like it doesn't last the three whole turns.

It could also be that it misses some turn.

Heyo, it only feels like 2 turns since it activates at your first end turn

has anyone had that problem when u cant go back to the ruined kingdom after a certain  level or something because it happened when i was play as the warrior

If it happened when you went to the third stage, you can come back once you clear it.

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For some reason the button that opens the menu is not appearing whatsowever.

Also I hope someday you make a downloadable version for pc and android

Hi, I've received a lot of similar comments with android/ios users. This game is currently only optimized for pc.


I really like all the taur characters designs in this game. Wish we could capture them all or even transform into their kinds.

Would love to have a way to transfer my data to each new update, I do not like how I have to start from the beginning every new update :(

You can do that starting with this update, just make sure to export your data since your chrome can just delete all the itchio memory

First of all, I want to say that I love your game in all its aspects and even your difficulty catches my attention. However, in the latest updates, the save button (and the XP quantity and status information as well) disappeared in IOS. I wanted to try the new classes, but I just can't because I don't have a save with the necessary level. I saw from the Patreon post that is taking a break around here, but I ask you to pay attention to people who play on mobile too, please. Thank you once again for this amazing game


For QoL give players auto-save option. We are all doing that anyway after each combat


Grinding out in this game is too slow. To fix that:
1. Add keyboard shortcuts for combat (and perhaps exploration) actions
2. Make combat log roll-out automatically, instead of making user click screen on each next line. For example: in current version you need to click 3 times to proceed to your next combat action, first for log of your damage, second for damage dealt to you, and third for action menu to pop back up

If you don't want this features apparent to newcommer for some reason, hide them in the some kind of options menu


Hey My Names Ken and i want to ask in the future will there be a Scech Art when you are using Two Attributes Like Muscle, and Erotic? Or Fat and Muscle? Stuff like the because I bet the Art for the would look soon cool! ^^ 

Is this the end of this version or are there still hidden events that I haven't discovered yet?

Yeah, that's the latest content for that version

if you go fat rout for warrior and manly do attack and heath it tends to be easier for me at least maybe try that

Can anyone help me with hints about defeating the angel? he just keeps spamming barriers and just not taking any damage

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What I did to beat it: erotic build ( 19 spatk and 6 luck and rest into vit) , seed barrage hits 3 times, alpha musk makes your attacks never miss for 2 turns. Spam seed  barrage use alpha musk if you miss too much, also have passive  that lowers sp on  erotic  skills

also bring 3 big hp vial and healing pendent

early game was hell tho,  abuse fluid coat + alpha musk + seed barrage to one shot mobs and defend while waiting for ap when you reach higher lvls

Bring atleast 2 hp pots to every fight and don’t be scared to use it at half

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I wanna ask, if you guys have been reading what the stats the abilities rely on? I noticed during my muscle warrior playthrough, every ability I obtained is scaled by basic attack stat alone, not special attack. After investing a lot more into it, I died less significantly. Some stats are still useful like vitality or speed, but I mostly noticed some like special attack on muscle build is unnecessary. When looking at your skill choice , try to looking for the stat next to it for best value out of it. I hope this helps!!

I can't find the Mara character. I've tried exploring twenty times in the beach and nothing.

So the minimum level to meet her is lv.12, if you still cannot meet her after reaching lv.12, lemme know

Yup, I was at level 12 and leveled up to 13. Still nothing. Are you sure the mission works in 0.3?

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Yes, you should be able to meet her. I've just tested it and it works normally. I'll still check it again if there's a bug somewhere

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the game is fine if you want to get past  just go the fat rout on the warrior Uther that that cant Wate for the mage class to come out

the game is amazing


This game has serious potential but could really use a difficulty option. (So those that want a challenge can have that, but those who are here for the story or are playing one handed can do that too). Earlygame you need to save religiously and a misstep can easily be a game over.

Trying to explore new content after an update can be a bit of a pain as the new content trends towards the top and saves don't carry over, luckily the saves are edit-able and the game doesn't freak out when you suddenly have a million XP or 500 strength.

Difficulty aside I can see this getting really popular as it expands with new content in future.


This is such a bad game. I want to like it, i really do, but theres no save button combined with this godawful rng i cant even make it to level 4, let alone a boss or any art youve put in here. i am not here to bash my head against an impossible wall, I'm here to look at and read erotic content.  At least make an easy mode so we don't have to suffer through these frankly dumbass descions


There IS a save button, but yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with you. You'd really only play this game to specifically do just that, because otherwise, why play it? It's repetitive, tedious, enemies are way too powerful, especially mid to late game, and even early game they are pretty bad, if you don't prioritize speed over anything else, you're probably not going to get very far in the game, and even then, being fast enough means nothing if you can't lower the opponent's HP faster than they can to you. 

Diminishing returns of XP means that you will have to grind particular enemies for quite a long time if you want to frequently use items in battles (Pretty much mandatory for most, if not all of them), which is just... why? Why have a system akin to Dark Souls with using XP for both buying items and leveling up? Just make a separate currency that enemies drop upon defeat, or that you can find in the overworld. 

The writing, though, IS GREAT. Like, I'm not kidding, it's quite good, as well as the art and the overall idea of it, but the fact that it is hidden beneath a frustrating unbalanced veneer of a game boggles my mind. I honestly feel like this would've been better off as a choose your own adventure story from the nineties or something, rather than whatever this game is.

can you let us download the game? i keep getting the message 

"A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.

Error: no valid storage adapters found."


Maybe you played it on incognito window? Usually the game cannot be played because: it's played on incognito window (that's why there's no storage), extensions blocking it, or it's played ouside of pc.

i just wanna know when's the next update

The next update should be on November, this month I'm creating a new short game called Adventurers Cleaning Service. You can check it out on my page.

İs there a second evolution for  Cerberus? I've been grinding for a while now and it just doesn't hit limit...

Deleted 286 days ago

Pretty please?

There is an evolution, make all your stats max and then the evolve button will appear

So what's the maxes to to the stats..?

I made it to 300 ft so far, is it 1000ft or something?

There should be a height limit for cerberus. If you mean belphegor then yes, there is no second evolution for him yet

Can you please provide downloadable html?

Add a save


It's on the left side on the menu bar. But I've heard the menu bar disappearing happens for android users, this game is optimized for pc so I'm not sure what causes that on android.


The side bar is not accessible when the screen's width is very small. Resize/change orientation  won't show it if it is hidden.







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Honestly not that wrong, this game is so rng-based that it makes me upset to play it. There is little to no skill or strategy involved, it's just like rolling dice with clicks and it's quite repetitive. You should make a good game first, not fetish art first.  If it's not fun, I don't care that it may or may not appeal to my personal kinks.  Just play Tribal Hunter instead, tbh. Also, the only two equipment limitation is pretty restrictive given just how much the Ai loves to heal themselves and paralyze you and all that other junk gimmicks they can do. Not to mention how leveling up speed, to me, doesn't really feel like it's improving my accuracy by a noticeable degree.

Also, wtf is with the forced loss rng? I have to save and reload encounters so many times because otherwise my current run will end quite abruptly. Why give the option to save in the first place if you can just end the run permanently when you lose to someone (You certainly can and will on lower levels)?


^ I like the game but i agree early levels tend to end abruptly based on rng (missing repeatedly in a row) honestly when the more difficult enemies come with stuns it becomes a dice roll on if you can kill them before they use it. The centuar I just rush damage so he dies before he uses his one shot attack which either kills me or leaves me at deaths door. evasion just needs to be nerfed a bit everything else isn't that bad.

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Yeah, that centaur fight, you're basically guaranteed to lose if you don't hit them EVERY single time, and not only that, you might not be damaging them enough to make up for the difference in the health that you lose to them. And even then, the barrage move they do is one, super accurate, two, absolutely op, even if you prioritize vitality (That's also pretty bad because in this game, Higher DPS means a lot more than survivability nine times out of ten), and three, is seemingly random. There's no line that says that they are specifically preparing the attack before they unleash it in a previous round, it's just random. Unless I'm mistaken, and I'm just not remembering it right.

AND ON TOP OF THAT, they also have really high evasion, so if you don't focus on leveling up speed, you are just not going to hit them, nor are you going to dodge their attacks. AND ALSO ON TOP OF THAT, trying to escape them is nigh on impossible, or at the very least, highly unlikely. It seriously reminds me of how necessary it was to have AGL in Dark Souls 2 if you wanted to dodge something properly. If the dev is not currently looking into how to properly balance a game like this, I'd highly, HIGHLY recommend they do so. If you want the game to be fair, but challenging, that'd be fine, but I don't know how well that kind of thing translates to what is essentially a text adventure game.

Also, last thing, but why do enemies give diminishing returns of EXP when you level up? EXP is literally also used for buying things in the game, and yet if you want to routinely use those items in combat, you'll be grinding for what feels like hours, which is incredibly monotonous. In a game like this, which is already bordering on repetitive, that's clearly not a good thing. 


I could say that they do not understand the material they are trying to work with and these games are not to be balls to the wall challenges. So many games on this website like this are mostly made with high difficulty walls and then people wonder why they never make it anywhere.

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