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blood pendant seems to be useless, no matter how much damages i dealt, it always be 2 hp

i better off pick up healing pendant as it is 10 xp cheaper than blood pendant

It gives you 15% lifesteal. So if you can deal big damage consistently, it's very nice!

ah alright, that make sense. thank for reply

The game is a little hard for me I can only get to lv 2 so far before I have to restart because the horse dude is a little hard to beat

Can old version save data not be used?
It will always say

Save is from the wrong game.

Yeah, this version isn't compatible with the previous save data because of the additonal features.

ok. thx _(:3_

Did something happen? I thought that the update would have come by now.

It's available now!

Just curious what the function of the Lust meter is (apart from an excuse to go have a quick horny scene with an NPC or solo), or if there are other plans for it in later versions? There doesn't seem to be any downside to just letting it fill up while out exploring... also it would be nice if relieving yourself with one particular randomly-dangerous NPC might include some little bonus for surviving the encounter!

There would be more npcs and in the newest update, you can capture demons and have multiple horny scenes with them. So, if you want to explore those many horny scenes, you need lots of lust. I've also thought of getting unique stuff from fulfilling horny requirements.

why is it only second zone you can fuse them with your cock once you get level 8 erotic can't you make it in all zones like the cock vore

Yep, I've noticed this issue and already resolved it for the future update.


i just had an idea can you make it when you have 8 or more in erotic that he can do autofelaito

Ah a nice idea. Maybe even automoobjob if you are fat enough!

oh yeah thats a good idea

How can I beat Angel?

 he's untouchable 


be strong, ohohohoho

Hi, how can I beat the bloodsucker?

Suck it up and beat harder. Other posibilities is counter from fat or the heling equipment.

after beat ixion to save the pig character, other ixion seems stop offer xp, i dont know how to trigger it

i tried 4x on warrior and 4x on fat, and such shame not see what character look like in image, look forward what he will look like in future :D

Thanks for for the bug info. I'll look into it asap. Well, musclechub body it's still on progress, it'll arrive soon!

awesome! look forward to it


maybe nerf the horse, he's too strong

The horse was already nerfed, ¿Is it still too strong?

I've nerfed his speed. But he's getting more nerf in the newest version on patreon too.



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I really hope we can have the option to top and fuck all enemies alongside the option to play as different species like dragons. Yeah, more sex would be nice 😅


You can do that in the newest update!

Oh neato! I must've played an older version like a dumbass then xD


Ah, maybe I'm too ambiguous. I mean the newest version on patreon.

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the blight worm vore is bugged

it says it has legs 

edit: i know all the vore uses a sample text rn but the sample text doesnt work for blight worm 

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there should be a give up mechanic to see scenes after youre really really high leveled without waiting 50 turns 


If you dont mind me asking, what platform are you using for game development? I want to use a similar platform for an RPG idea I have.


It's called twine. There are also rpg maker and renpy, depending on your requirements.

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I really love this game, your game is something that brings interest in fighting for me. I have played many games like your but none of then are quite challenging. 

I'd like to see more contents in the future. Maybe, taur transformation, herm, dick's mutation and harem? Hehehe

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So, just some feedback. Note I'm not a senior game dev with 50+ projects under my belt, but I am pursuing game dev as a hobby and like to give feedback to other devs. The difficulty curve seems very steep for early game and it leads to a lot of fighting with RNG. I understand that to a degree this is to be expected, but If im resetting my game on encounter 6/7 before i can even reach the third level, it might discourage me or other players from continuing to play. Please consider adjusting the difficulty curve a bit, or implementing hard-coded sets of allowable encounters for different level caps. Maybe i have just had extremely bad luck, but I dont think first impressions of something should be left up to RNG.

Hopefully this doesn't seem to critical, and I dont want you to feel attacked, I dont know what level of experience you have in game design; but as someone who's also aspiring to design games in the future I wanted to give my thoughts in a straightforward but sincere way. Best of luck in your development endeavors and i cant wait to see where this story goes! :)

Thanks for the feedback!

I'd say level 1 is probably the hardest this game is more of experiment with the bonuses and stats the game becomes much easier after level 1 since bad rng can lead to your defeat really fast

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hey in future could you have a way to turn off M/F content aswell as the inverse 


HISOKA?!?!?!bungee gum

I'll consider it!


v.12 is WAAAY too difficult in the opening levels.  I can't get past 2 due to getting killed/eaten every single time.  It doesn't matter what stats I put into.

Not sure if this is a problem on my side or not, but I figured I'd put this here just in case.

Let me know when you encounter it, and I might be able to help.

I encounter it as soon as I open the game. I'm not sure why because I've played your game before and thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm not sure what is different.

I heard that using an extension such as a pop-up blocker may cause this issue. I suggest disabling all browser extensions to check if it can work.


Does the protagonist have to be male?

Currently, that's the only option.

V.0.12 INFO:
The bug where you can't buy certain equipment has been resolved. You can now play and buy those previously bugged equipment.

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buying berserker ring cause error. i was able to continue but lose exp for buying berserker ring as it doesnt added to my inventory

just now, blood pendant and shell pendant as well

Thanks for the info. I'll look into it.

V.0.12 INFO:
I've received info that loading a save file won't work if you restart the game. I've resolved this issue just now and have updated the game. Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who encountered this.

question: how to get to next area after bell tower?

Hohoho, it's coming soon! This version ends until you've defeated the second boss, but you can roam or try a bunch of equipment with your overpowered character by that point if you want to.


Could you please let me download this game in HTML ?

I agreed , when the tab is closed and you try to play your save file : by the time you press [Fight] there would always show an error massage and you couldn't do anything except restart from the beginning

Hmm, I believe this is a browser issue, as mentioned by another user who has had similar problems saving during a fight. Also, I forgot to mention that save files from the old version don't work on the new version. To download the game, you can currently do so as a Patreon member. 

Yeah , Just in case you will never let the public download your game , I just download itch app and try playing this game there , and I have to say it's a lot smoother than playing it in browser.

P.S. Sorry I only have around $10USD per month to spare and most of it goes to my Internet bill, so I can't support you on Patreon , it's quite hard to live in a cult village especially a lame one like where I lived.


That's kinda hard, and needs some balancing. Excepting for that, very promising.


Heya! If you're finding the game too challenging, try leveling up your speed. You'll notice a big improvement in your accuracy. I know that the stats description is unavailable in this patch, so in the next patch, I'll include it again so its easier for everyone to understand. Thanks for playing!


If the developer don't turn down the difficulty and missed attacks , this will be save and load game

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the game is ridiculously hard, however, a fun game for people who love strategy games. be careful with what stats you go with because one wrong upgrade will be impossible to proceed the story

I speak as I have witness and still struggling to get past the demon after leveling up from 1


difficult indeed, either have high attack and miss a ton or high speed for accuracy but then do low damage and die anyways cuz enemy has way more HP than you too. either way you're fucked lol


could we download instead of playing in browser?

Currently, you can do that if you are a Patreon member. I haven't thought about implementing the download option since downloading the game also makes you play on browser too. I'll maybe implement it in the future if there are already good enough content to even make players want to revisit old builds.

If you're using the app, you can download even if you aren't a patreon member.

Ah, that's news to me. If you can download it, I still suggest to play it on pc since the game is currently optimized for it. 

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I got a error while I was playing, I'm passing an image of the message.

It could also be because I'm using the app

The passive of the fat class is also very broken. Even if you end up dying, you could force it into a stalemate and you´ll still get the experience. It also activates the erotic skill fluid cottage if you activated.

Hey, I'd like to help you out with the error you're experiencing. If you could just let me know when you encountered the error message, I might be able to get to the root of the problem.

Yep, you can utilize every passive with every build to make a broken character. I really want players to have fun experimenting with different combinations. If it seems like something is too powerful, don't worry, I'll balance it out in the future.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "stalemate" though. I've used counter before and haven't encountered any bugs. You can message me about it so that I'm sure it's not a bug.

Stalemate is basically when you and the enemy lose al hp in the same turn.

And i'm not sure when the error happened. I reached level 5 and suddenly everytime I try to start the combat the error popped. If I remember right, I could move to the diferent areas.

Yes, if you and your enemy reach 0 HP on the same turn, you'll win. For the error, I've tried the game multiple times again and everything runs normally. My only explanation is that maybe you used an old save file? If you didn't then I'm not sure what's causing it.


Just finished(*) v0.1 and I have to say I'm pretty happy with the new combat stuff. For the first area the game definitely feels more balanced than it did in previous builds and felt much more lively with the addition of the whole Interact stories and new character. However, I found the game beyond this point to be incredibly frustrating. Enemies such as the Bloodsucker, the Taur (forget his name) is virtually unbeatable, and the boss in the Bell Tower is also completely unbeatable as far as I can tell. Not to mention the enemies here simply feel far too powerful for the player (or perhaps I built my character very poorly? Either way, it was too frustrating to go through and do it all again).

My major complaints revolve around enemy's special abilities. Unlike the player, they seem to be bound to no limits, meaning Bloodsucker can use Leech as many time as random chance desires. I had several runs where she simply used no other attack than Leech, completely preventing me from beating her whatsoever until I died or fled. I feel getting hit by Leech six times in a row like I did is a little unfair. Additionally, the Taur enemy simply game overs the player the second he gets to use Deluge regardless of defending. Every time I faced them, it was simply deal as much damage as possible before being blasted into your save point. As far as I can tell, there is no winning- but again, perhaps I just suck. To be fair, this genre of game is fairly new to me.

Moving on to the boss, I attempted to beat him around 40-50 times with no success. The general pattern seems to be something along these lines:

If he uses his heavy attack in the first 2-3 moves, restart- no chance to win.

If he does not use his heavy in the first few moves, use multiple hit attacks to break his barriers (I used Deluge, as I had nothing else that could do so). But, no matter what, he gets 2-3 more, deals damage (usually too much to bother continuing the fight if he doesn't outright obliterate you), and leaves you in a cycle of trying to break his barriers and deal enough damage before he uses all those Revelations on you and sends you to the next restart, which is guaranteed by the time you get them down for the second time, anyways. Perhaps with a higher vitality build than mine it'd be slightly more feasible, but from my attempts there is literally just no way to do the damage necessary before being killed, or maybe I just suck that bad and wasn't patient enough, but regardless this was my experience.

In reference to the point system (vitality, attack, luck, speed, etc) it seems there is very little and thus no reason to utilize anything but vitality and attack since speed doesn't appear to contribute much and luck is, well, luck. Perhaps give them a bit more purpose, or buff them slightly to be valid build options?

In conclusion, everything after the first boss seems rather poorly balanced, the Taur, Bloodsucker, and Angel are impossible or incredibly annoying/RNG-based to beat, and some of the stats seem rather useless options.

I apologize if this all sounds very nitpicky or if it's just outright wrong, I certainly can't look at the game's code and see what everything does to make a perfectly sound judgement thus just have what I experienced playing to go off. I say all of this because I do enjoy the game and would love to see it improve and grow! I hope this helps going forward, and that more players come forwards with some (perhaps not so lengthy) reviews! Thank you to the dev for putting time into this game.

(P.S., perhaps playtesting these updates would help? I'm not much of a dev, nor am I super great at analyzing things, but I truly believe it would help!)

Thank you again!


Hi Ticking. So, for the second area, make sure you have your speed upgraded, like minimum 9 points.  It should make your hits land properly. I’ve tried all builds to defeat the second boss and they worked fine, as long as you have enough speed (the easiest build for now is Erotic build). I suggest that you give 1 point to Speed every time you level up.


Awesome game! Love what I've seen so far. My main issue with the game comes down to balancing. It is possible to outright FAIL the first encounter and immediately lose. Additionally, there seems to literally be no way to even semi-consistently beat level 2 without investing two into vitality, a point into erotic, and spamming the fluid buff. I've only managed to get beyond level 3 twice in many, many runs after experimenting with stats and such.

Beyond these problems, again, seems like it could be a pretty solid game! Hope to see it grow some more soon


Yeah, that's what I thought too... You can try v.0.1 tho where the early game is readjusted so that it's less dependent on RNG, but rather the build you choose. The early enemies are balanced too so the early game isn't as grindy as before.

Great idea, hope you continue it


Feel good, please keep going, I believe this game can become very good

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hopefully the story is continued and game is updated


This gameis problaby the game twine with the greatest grow possibility that i ever seen!




Great concept, can't wait for more

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