Demoneater v0.3 DevLog


Hi everyone, this update focuses on completing vore, sex, and lots of fixings, plus there is a new rampage mode character where you can be a super  duper nasty demon! Please read the information below for the new stuff detail  and guide.

Once again, thank you for your support and feedback that keep the game going and make it better!



You can access Rogue's demon transformation by defeating a minimum of 4 Grolls & 4 Miasmas and winning a battle with either of those demons.

The unique feature about this demon is super duper filthy slob blubber. You know Nurgle from Warhammer? Yes, imagine you are playing as that monster. So, if you dislike slob or extremely filthy stuff, then this is not for you. You've been warned!

Backer version: You can unlock Rogue Rampage mode immediately.


When you reach lv.12, you can meet a new NPC in Silent Coast by winning an event battle.


  • Items that have error descriptions when accessed in battle are resolved.
  • "Carnage" passive is fixed, now it works as described.
  • "Bladestorm" move is fixed, previously when skill is learned, it doesn't appear in the skill list.
  • Soulbreaker images not updated after transformation.
  • Spacing fixing for many scenes.
  • Fleeing chance is higher now.
  • Flee fixing for Evil Eyes (Note: you cannot escape from bosses)


1.) New Rampage Mode Content

Lots of mass voring, mass growth, mass filth, mass nursing, etc. Content Warnings: lots of filth eating, bathing, farting, smegma filthy birth, massive prehensile anus

2.) New Sex Content

New sex content for the following demons if you capture them (Note: You can access Demon's Keep by completing Hirrom's quest!)

  • Orthrus
  • Chimera

3.) New Vore Content

New vore content if you lose to these enemies:

  • Groll
  • Baphomet

4.) Wonderful Guest Writers

  • Olipie - Rogue Rampage
  • Smuxray - Baphomet Vore
  • SkipBonty - Groll Vore, Orthrus & Chimera Vore



  • Mara
  • Succubus Vore Growth
  • Porgre Vore Growth
  • Warrior Rampage Stage 1
  • Beta Stage


  • Rogue Rampage Stage 1
  • Servant Stage 1


  • You can unlock Rampage Warrior & Rogue mode immediately.
  • You can unlock Rogue & Sorcerer classes immediately.
  • You can unlock 3 demon prison cells instead of 1.

I hope you enjoy the new version! Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues, or if you have any comments about the new update!

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