Demoneater v0.27 DevLog


Thank  you for your patience! There are so much new features and additions in this update, so please check them out!

Plus, I  want to thank you for all the support, because of you the first Patreon goal is completed! The next one is 350 patrons for a new feature: party member system!



Since we already achieved the 200 patrons threshold (early August, now below 200 again boohoo), as promised, the enemy vore has now become an available feature in the game!

Now, when you lose to the enemies with vore scenes, you will 100% lose the run. So, there is no more chance to escape. But, in return you will see a vore scene and a very delicious post-vore growth! So, losing is now as appealing as winning, ohohoho!

I've collaborated with super duper very very talented FA vore writers to write vore scenes. Please do read their stories since they are great writers:

  • Angrynightmob
  • Lergiab
  • Smuxray
  • Worgenrouge

Enemies with vore:

  • Darkhorse
  • Succubus
  • Porgre
  • Demonhound
  • Bloodsucker
  • Ixion
  • Miasma

Each enemy also will have their own wonderful vore arts based on their great writings! So, again please give support these writers! It really saddens me when writers don’t get as much spotlight as artists, especially with now so many furries going to twitter, where only pictures will get the  most exposure.


To tie in with with the new vore content, if you get too strong you might be difficult to get beaten by enemies lower than your level. So, now there is a "Submit" button so you can automatically get vored without worrying about levels.


Based on the discord poll, the new class is a dragon sorcerer with the fetish focus on multi stuff! So, if you are only into 1 dick on 1 guy, maybe this class isn't for you! I was planning this class to be  available in 1 or 2 months again, but since I know this class will take a lot of work, I'm starting to develop it now.

Please note that this class is still in development. His muscle path is fully completed and the only path you should level up if you tried it. How this  class works is a combination of sts defect + watcher (my fav characters), and if you don't understand this it's okay too. Basically it should be fun too play.

This class is available for Backers since this class is incomplete and the requirement to unlock it is not available yet.


The new Silent Coast area is unlockable in Ruined Kingdom and there is no prerequisite to unlock it. The suggested levels of exploring the area is  Lv.10-12. Currently, it'll serve as the next stage after you complete the Sinister Range. But there will be more to this place in the future. There are currently 4 enemies in the area:

  • Chimera
  • Lamasthu
  • Soggoth
  • Hydra


BONUS DAMAGE REWORK Now, bonus damage is called "charged damage". There is nothing different in its uses. The only difference is that if you use it on the enemy and it misses, you will lose the charged damage stack. Previously, whenever you hit the enemy and it misses, your stack is still intact. This will make you also cautious of your stack and not just stockpile it as much as possible for a one hit kill.

COUNTER REWORK Previously, with the counter passive, you'll have a guarantee to counter hit the enemy. Since that's too broken, the counter accuracy is reduced. You'll start to encounter enemies with counter, so that should be a good thing this happens.

MAX LEVEL INCREASED After defeating the Sinister Range boss, you can now unlock the level limit. The new level limit is LV.13.

DEMON EVOLUTION ASKED Now, you have the option to become a demon in the Ruined Kingdom menu instead of it's completely gone after rejecting the offer to become a demon once.

SAVING SYSTEM Saving should now work form this version on.


  • Previously, there were items that couldn't be unequipped from item slots, they are       now resolved.
  • Counter message error where it spams even though your counter doesn't hit.
  • Some typos and redundancy corrected



  • Sorcerer
  • Orthrus
  • Darkhorse Vore Growth
  • Silent Coast


  • Chimera
  • Lamasthu
  • Soggoth
  • Hydra


  • You can unlock Rampage mode immediately
  • You can unlock Rogue class immediately
  • You can unlock 3 demon prison cells instead of 1
  • You can unlock Sorcerer class immediately

I want to thank the writers who are all amazing in the collaborations, and all of you who keep supporting the game since now I can pay for great writers (there's gonna be new hot stuff in development outside this game!) I'm planning more amazing stuff with many more writers, so I'm  grateful that this game allows me to do this.

I hope you enjoy the new version! Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues, or if you have any comments about the new update!

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