Demoneater v0.25 DevLog


Thank you for your patience! This update focuses on finalizing the current classes and narrative  content. There are plenty of additions to the new game mode as well, so make sure to check out the information below for all the exciting details and a helpful guide.

On top of that, I'm thrilled to announce that we're nearing completion of the first Patreon goal.  We couldn't have done it without your incredible support and feedback, which have been instrumental in keeping the game going and continuously improving it. Thank you!


1.) 3rd/Final Tier Skills Now Available  (Warrior + Rogue)

Once you reach level 8 in the build path you've chosen, you'll unlock  access to its final skills! Don't forget to experiment and make the most of  them!

2.) Rampage Game Mode - Evolution

In the Rampage game content (check v.0.22 update for reference), you'll encounter multiple  forms for the playable character. Each form has specific limits on various aspects. To evolve into the next form, you need to max out all these aspects.  Once you successfully evolve, all limits on the aspects are removed. The 2nd  form of the character is now available for you to explore!

3.) Skill Rework - Fluid Coat

In  the Warrior Erotic Path, I've noticed it was the least flexible when it came to stats and skills management. To address this, I've made a revision to the particular skill, Fluid Coat, making it more versatile like the skills in other paths. Instead of being a combo hit buff, it's now a bonus damage buff. This change allows you to fully make use of the Warrior Erotic multi-hit  combo.

Also, Seed Barrage is slightly buffed to ensure it stays useful and doesn't get overshadowed by later skills.

4.) Enemy Update

Groou  in Ruined Kingdom has its speed nerfed due to how it speed creeps too quickly if you are not using heavy hitter build.

Bloodsucker healing skill is nerfed a bit so Rogue class can better fight her. 5.) Bug Fixing:

  • Demon prison quest bug resolved (previously you can unlock the demon prison without fully completing the quest)
  • Paralysis debuff resolved (previously may result in error)
  • Wrong new items information and effects resolved
  • Rogue Muscle Passive is resolved (the correct passive is Backstab, not Speedster)
  • Ass Play skill is fixed (previously a code typo made it unusable)
  • Backstab passive is still activated in a new battle
  • In your demon prison, if you were to let go of the demon in the 2nd slot, the demon in the 1st slot would also be removed. This issue has been resolved.
  • Some typos and redundancy corrected


1.) Rogue Description

Previously, I hadn't had the chance to implement a nasty description for the Rogue class,  especially after you've developed him into the nastiest character possible. However, I'm excited to share that now you can fully enjoy this musk/smell-based class to the fullest! (If you dislike musk fetish, you can enjoy vanilla stuff by building him into muscle path).

2.) New Narrative Content

Like aforementioned, with the game keep progressing. I've often overlooked the narrative part of the game and focus more on technical stuff. So, I've added new narrative content for:

  • Inana
  • Raal
  • Soulbreaker

3.) New Rampage Mode Vore & Sex  & Transformation

There are more ways you can vore now since there are new aspects of the player you can grow. New vore types available: Sheath Vore & Nipple Vore.

There is also a new sex scene with you betas.

There is a great transformation sequence written by Jagaz. Additionally, there'll be new information after you transformed.

4.) New Adult Content

New adult content for the following demons:

  • Miasma
  • Darkhorse

5.) Wonderful Guest Writers

  • Jagaz
  • Lergiab


New Arts

  • Warrior Cock Vore Scene
  • Miasma
  • Soulbreaker tier 0
  • Soulbreaker tier 1
  • Cerberus 2nd phase sketch
  • Betas 2nd phase sketch
  • Rampage Background 1st phase
  • Rampage Background 2nd phase


Exclusive content for our lovely Backers!

  • You can unlock Rampage mode immediately!
  • You can unlock Rogue class immediately without reaching Lv.10!
  • You can  unlock 3 demon prison cells instead of 1!

I hope you enjoy the new version! Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues, or if you have any comments about the new update!

Thank  you all again for your support! Stay tuned with the development since there will be a lot of additional and more content in the future!

Note: I've created the Patreon for this game where you can support the game and access the latest build. You can check it out here:]Patreon


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Anytime a Grrou is defeated it removes level limit, this includes the level 8 limit.  The Grrou Boss and Grrou encounters should have separate scripts so this does not happen.  Because of HP convert to Armor Fat ability Evil Eyes is permitted to one shot at start of battle, that ability of his needs a delay before use or some other adjustment concerning this interaction.  Gave Soulbreaker his exp but it was not deducted from mine.

Glad to have ore color to the world/characters!