Demoneater v0.18 DevLog


Hello everyone! Now that the general gameplay framework is complete, I can concentrate on expanding everything from the story to the characters to the artwork! There are a lot of content additions in this update. Be sure to check out the details below!

A huge thanks to our Patreon members that support the game and community, which keep the game going! Thank you all once again for your interest and feedback. I'll do my best to improve the game!


1.) New Area - Sinister Range

The story has been expanded, and Sinister Range content is now available! It is a mysterious misty mountain range that appears to hide a very terrible thing. Explore it, and you might discover something significant.

After defeating the second boss, speak with Angel to gain access to the new location.

2.) New Enemies

The new location comes with new, challenging enemies. You should stockpile items if you want to make them more manageable.

  • Groll: A burst physical enemy. Make sure you know when to protect yourself!
  • Baphomet: A magical enemy. Be careful if you have low HP since their skills will give you lots of surprises ^v^
  • Miasma: Test your endurance!

3.) Major Revisions

After considering many feedbacks from the previous version and testing the game several times, I have decided to make huge changes to the Warrior Muscle build. The build is far behind the Fat and Erotic builds in many aspects, especially in sustainability. So, here is the change list:

AP Removal for HP-costing Skills

  • Berserk and Rampage no longer cost AP since they already cost HP.

Skills Buff

  • Adrenaline critical HP is increased from 30% to 40%. Now you can strategically use Adrenaline better and even synergize with HP costing skills.
  • Rampage damage is increased.

Improved Vampirism

  • Bloodlust and Blood Pendant vampirism life steal is improved slightly.

The level cap is increased to 10 after you have defeated the second boss.

4.) Fixing

  • Fixed an equipment bug where a few pieces of equipment led to errors when purchased.
  • Fixed a Mighty Juice item error that reduced your AP when consumed.
  • Fixed leveling up bug when you reached Lv.8.
  • Fixed grammar and continuity errors.


1.) New Character - Hirrom

You can encounter his event while exploring the Ruined Kingdom. You need to complete his quest to recruit him.

2.) New Character - Manuis

You can find him in the Sinister Range. You need to have a conversation with Angel first to unlock his event.

3.) New Character - Hirrom

Angel will update you on things happening throughout the land, so be sure to talk often to him to get new insights, events, or NPCs.

4.) New Character Description - Tier 2

After you reach tier 2 (Lv.8) of a build, you will get new character descriptions and portrait.


1.) New Character Arts

  • Ixion
  • Hirrom
  • Manuis

2.) New Character Outlines

These outlines do not represent their final designs, so you can give feedback or suggestion while they are still being completed!

  • Groll
  • Baphomet
  • Miasma
  • Warrior Muscle Tier 2
  • Warrior Fat Tier 2
  • Warrior Erotic Tier 2

I hope you enjoy the new version! Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues, or if you have any comments about the new update!

Keep an eye on the Discord community as there will be a lot of information about future content!

Note: I've created Patreon for this game where you can support the game and access the newest build. You can check it out here:

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