Demoneater v0.2 DevLog


Hello everyone! A very huge gameplay and content update is here! There's a brand new class available and a whole lot of "fun" content with the demons.


1.) New Class - Rogue

Finally, a new class! This class combines the rogue/thief, debuffer, and gambler classes. It has a different gameplay and stat priority than Warrior. There are many specific builds you can do with this class, so try to experiment with moves across paths too!

Every class will have its own unique adult theme! Warrior is vanilla and the Rogue class is especially for musk/smell lovers! Rogue-only adult scenes will be implemented soon!

The Rogue class is unlocked after you reach Lv.10.

2.) Capturing Demons for "fun"

You can now catch demons after defeating them! Catching a demon, whether successfully or not, will result in 0 EXP being gained after the battle. Releasing the captured demon will also not impact your EXP.

To unlock this feature, you have to talk to Hirrom and finish his quest, where you can unlock a demon prison. You'll currently have one prison cell, which will be upgraded once you do more quests in the future.

There are several demons available to be captured. I'll explain more in the content section.

3.) Major Revisions

Luck Debuff System

  • Luck now affects your debuff accuracy and evasion. If your move has a DEBUFF tag on it, except bleed moves, its accuracy will increase or decrease depending on your luck vs. the enemy's luck.
  • If you are trying to build a debuff-focused character, please put some points into it… I've warned you.

Buff/Debuff Indicator Added

  • Evasion and Vampirism percentages are now visible during battle.

4.) Fixing:

  • Reduced Darkhorse stats
  • Some dialogue revision


1.) Tons of New Adult Content

After you catch your demons, you can have "fun" time with them when you become horny. Each demon has its own multiple special sex scenes written by our wonderful guest writers. You'll know what adult content you get based on the enemy's design and description… You've been warneddd! Currently, these are the demons available to be caught:

  • Demonhound
  • Ixion
  • Groll
  • Baphomet
  • Miasma

2.) Wonderful Guest Writers

  • Sexyvegetable
  • MysteriousMysterious
  • Lergiab

3.) Revision

Baphomet character rework


1.) New Character Arts

  • Rogue Basic
  • Rogue Muscle Tier 1
  • Rogue Fat Tier 1
  • Rogue Erotic Tier 1
  • Baphomet Redesign
  • Warrior Muscle Tier 2 bit revision
  • Warrior Fat Tier 2 bit revision

PREMIUM CONTENT  New exclusive content for our lovely Backers!

  • You can unlock Rogue class immediately without reaching Lv.10!
  • You can unlock 3 demon prison cells instead of 1!

I hope you enjoy the new version! Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues, or if you have any comments about the new update! Thank you all for the support, especially our Patreon members, because of you all now I can work with great writers too. I'll definitely try to expand the game content quicker with all the amazing talentes here, so make sure to hit that subscribe button, ohohoho!

You can check out and access the newest build here:

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