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finally i beat this hell game aahhh so stressfull, by the way i beat with fat, also i beat angel with counter skill 


Maybe some adjustment to the angel fight? I'm building single-hit nuke with rampage and revenge but angle's barrier is just impossible to drop.

I mean yeah sure, I can take Whirlwind. but the NUKE. THE NUKE. not me wanting some damage per screenshot

multiattacks ruin the barrier

Are the backgrounds ai generated?

we can save in this game ?

yep, you can save

Ok , But how to do it

Itch has an application, like steam. When I start the game with it, I have  a save botton and restart run botton.

If on the left side of your screen there isn't a save button function, let me know. I've heard a few comments about this.

The mision of hirrom, the completion scene didn't play. I've used the interact function before interacting with hirrom and the construct Demon's keep was already there

I've heard this issue happened 1 or 2 times before but when I tried it there's no issue. So, let me look at it again if it happens

It seems to me, or were there pictures for mixed paths before? For example, Muscle and Erotiс.

Mixed path pic that is done is only for muscle + fat

Deleted 237 days ago

Soulbreaker will appear scrawny after the mission if you ask him the questions.

Shoot, you're right. I'll fix it in the next update.

Hi! I still can't remove the first two items that I have already equipped, the third one can be equipped and put in the inventory. Items that I randomly find, like mushrooms and etc.


Hi, it has been resolved!


I love the Game and the Art style! i hope i can see more cool art soon ^^


Prologue could use more details/background, but the background could be designed to be revealed as player progresses if you wish.  It appears that chosen class determines player species?  Would be great if there was a way to mix and match, but this fine if kept as is.  A options/settings menu for content toggles would be great (For now leaving what those are up to you).  Not necessarily a quest system, but giving ideas of what the player can/should do would be nice, in part for plot progression or side plots.  I like how there is both a verbose and skip choices for victory.  While there are saves, no revive or progress retention system, I do not know what you intend.  The victory descriptions have no variance from each other right now.  Angel fight, there needs to be a cooldown on its abilities, there needs to be stacks granted plus one cooldown, the sanctuary ability seems like it was used while it was already active..., refreshing its duration.

Hrm... seems like the further I get the more of what I have mentioned is sort of implemented, but still not very directly.  Still things that can always be expanded upon later! (This can mean that what I have said may now be pointless)

There are some other things I could mention, but it be pointless, as it is merely differences in aesthetic tastes.  Forgetting about those, this is already a fairly solid, but still needing more polish design!

I'll keep tabs on this and check on it sometime in the future!


Is there anyway to use saves from previous versions on the current one? I unlocked endgame content with the rogue in v0.2 but now my saves don't work as it says their "from a different game" and its honestly such a grind getting it back all the way with each new version . Good game but the grind can be a little tiring

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Yes, for the time being, the prior save does not work with the later versions of the game. I'll do my best to fix it in the future version.


i found out a way you can techniclly level up very fast 

Can you share it?

just save up exp like 1000 or so exp 

Hi, I found this game recently, and while I'm enjoying my time with it, I do have a question. The images where the character is uncolored or just plain white, those are basically sketch images of the characters, yes? I'm assuming that they're unfinished and will eventually be colored in future versions.


Yes, they are sketch placeholders


commenting again cus im quirky like that

My main gripe with the game is that it becomes easy if you know what you're doing

not easy as in just easy, as in everything is demolished easy

but without knowledge of what to invest it, it's hell 

can you please tell me what to invest in? im finding a bit too difficult overall and i have been at this game for over a week now :(


the game definitely needs to work on balancing

i think straight up doubling xp gain would love alot of issues ngl, imo 

oh and please get an exe version playing in web browser is hell 

Don't worry, I'm balancing it as the development goes on. For now, you can download the game as a Patreon member. But even then, it'll still pop up in the web browser; that's just how twine-based games normally work.

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Yeah, the game overall looks promising, but the warrior erotic path is terrible due to the limited use of sp.atk and some enemies seem unbeatable without hitting only crits with a perfect build. And that's just from a handful of hours playing it, I might be missing a lot more stuff.

edit: Oh! And I forgot to mention the fact that raising speed doesn't really seem to affect accuracy or dodging enough to be working. (roughly 1/2 misses with 10 speed at lvl4)

Maybe it's also a skill issue in my case, cuz I can't even get to lvl 10 xD.

Hi, so you can still complete the game with warrior erotic if you upgrade the correct skill and stats every level. But for now, it’s the most difficult because it has the strictest stat distribution and build.

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The prison is bugged. After I released an Ixiom, I can capture it, but it doesn't appear in the prison. 

To be exact, i can't trap anything.

I've seen the capture failure code, but I believe that it's a little too high

Hmm, I've been able to capture and recapture ixion, even in the current version. I'll check it again if I find any errors.

The problem is the probability of capture, it took me 5 times to capture again

Saves from older versions don't work for newer ones?

Hi, it seems for now that it doesn't work for different versions of the game. I'll try to solve it in the next update.

Ok, thank you


You most definitely need to fix this no matter what I level up I keep fucking "missing"'s so fucking pointless to play this need to learn how a fucking game actually works

android can't play?  Mine doesn't work

Hi, the game is currently optimized for pc. It also might not work because it's played on incognito window or extensions blocking it

oh well, few days ago i tried on android and it works. But idk what's the matter

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An error appeared after the very first level increase

P.s. I realized why it appeared, I tried to load the save from the old version, but it didn't work out and I started a new game, and this error appeared.

And maybe not because of this, because I rebooted, and everything is the same

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Thanks for the info! It has been resolved, a single character typo made that error.

I find another one, Orthrus doesn't have the image

Hmm, I can see Orthrus' image. I'm not sure, but did you use an old save? It might be the reason he doesn't appear.

No, I didn't use the old save

I don't know, now the image has appeared

What's the app. I found insights and stars but that's all the apps I see


This game is fucking unbeatable and it is annoying the hell out of m


slight suggestion if possible i would reduce the rate at which the angel uses Prophecy the battle took ages to complete as he would renew his barriers each time i smashed them

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I'm fucked up, can you just reduce the complexity or make a choice of complexity? Because it is impossible to rise above level 3 for a warrior.
"But you miss", "But you miss", "But you miss", "But you miss", "But you miss", I'm tired getting this.
P.s. Increasing speed stat doesn't help

But I can't stop playing it, I like it very much


I can't seem to get past level 2 

Well, I can only advise you to use saves, with them after some time (a few hours, maybe days), you will reach the end


Even trying again and again doesn't help because of how easily I get frustrated.

Can you make it that we can download it in the form of html?

You can currently do it as a Patreon member.

If you download trought the itch app, the folder it creates has the html.

I cant seem to play it on my browser?

Maybe you played it on incognito window? Usually the game cannot be played because: it's played on incognito window (that's why there's no storage), extensions blocking it, or it's played ouside of pc.

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The Angel in Lv. 8 Boss is bad design, really BAD!

He just keep giving barrier and sanctuary to himself and using DOT to torture player. You have to use 2 rounds to  break 2 barrier but he just give himself 2 shield for 1 round. Same as immune but worst, there is nothing you can do but watching it torture you and gain 2 barrier AGAIN.

My berserker build cannot deal 1 damageto the angel and nothing I can do other than praying it can kick me instead of using any skill.

Okay good, it's not just me. The boss is practically impenetrable with no openings between his barriers, making him unbeatable. I don't know if this is due to a coding issue or if it was just RNG, but either way, this boss has to be nerfed to some degree.

Try to attack repeatedly or use multiple his attacks to chip the barriers.

Actually I just save scummed my way to victory. I guess it was just an RNG issue. Even then, once I got past that hurdle, everything else was alright.


it fucking sucks that you can't get past level 3 cuz for some fucking I keep "missing" and thank God I was able to save but still can't fucking do anything, I don't think I wanna play this anymore...2 fucking stars


Heya! If you're finding that have low accuracy, try leveling up your speed. You'll notice a big improvement in your accuracy. 

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I'm playing v0.2 of the game and got to lvl 6 after many hours. Here's my thoughts so far:


1) Great build up to the main story and actually gave us a reason as why the world the way it is and how we ended up using a prison as a safehouse.

2) You can experiment with the tree and craft items to give you an edge in battles. 

3) Every area you unlock gives you different enemies depending on location.

4) The boss to get into the Ruined Kingdom was challenging but rewarding when you leveled up enough and acquired new abilities to take it down.


1) RNG! Every level up is a GRIND and thank god for saves bc I would of quit at lvl 3. 

2) Enemies! The hits almost all the time land, they can combo you at anytime and lose instantly if you are not defending which you're not doing often since you focusing on KO through attacking. When I was on lvl 3, battling the sucubus and she was on the single digit, she would her special attack and screw me over and win and it's a gamble of when she would do it so I can defend! She almost made me rage quit! Even when you equip the rings Inana made for you, it's still a grindfest to get to 0. Also, does not help that they can poison, bleed counter you, suck your hp to gain hp, and gain armor so to not take damage; while we become a punching bag and their next meal if we didn't escape after I lose.

3) The Angel in the Bell Tower! The Angle is a different can of worms. It only has 37 HP but fights like it's on life support. When you fight it might as well get eaten bc if you lose to the angel and you did not save, it's an automatic Sonic '06 cuz you have to start all over again. The attacks and abilities he has is like Fort Knox cuz good luck getting a hit only to find out it does ZERO ATTACK when his guard is down and he ain't using sanctuary to be immune to damage as well being barricaded; and fleeing is futile (as least for me) cuz he comes with hitting you, scratching you, and holy beaming you to oblivion. The most I've hit it was for 5 damage!


1) The warrior cannot dodge or parry but the enemies can makes it harder than it should be.

2) I should not still be buff after all the enemies I've eaten when leveling up! The only sign change is going on is how much I am packing when I need to bust nuts.

Overall, it's a grindfest that forces you to save unless you like restarting everytime you lost and became someone's next meal. However, it can improve to be a good game.


Not the biggest fan of how rng-dependant the game is at this stage. I feel like reloading saves is a necessity when beginning zones, and it starts feeling very grind-heavy (not the sexy kind).

I feel that increasing the chance of fleeing each time you attempt to flee would be good, as this gives the player more control over the enemy encounter rng vs. player power scaling.  Also gives chance for better planning for potions without having to load save. 

Giving enemies an attack pattern, and/or a telegraph of their next attack, would help it feel more strategic instead of a roll of the dice all the time.

I also feel that defending should recharge an extra AP point as this increases the viability of AP moves and makes defending more versatile in encounters.

I'm interested to see how this game progresses and seeing more dialog interactions with peeps, as well as if there's more dynamic character growth/change scenes than the repeated dialog when leveling up and consuming enemies.

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Ah, nice idea for fleeing and dynamic scenes. There are currently dynamic scenes for demon sexy scenes.


So, I was trying to fight the Dark Horse now for the Xth time and lost and now my motivation to play this Game has successfully been voided - rebalance that Gameplay and I might try it again. But until then, it's just far too frustrating to me after reaching Level 2.


Second that. Also, escaping gets hard and harder.

Why can't I see the save button? It doesn't appear on the side same with the stats. Is it because I play on mobile?

Hi, currently the game optimized for pc. Play it on pc if possible.

That's it for the debug update for the current version. New bugs will be resolved by the newest game update.

Rouge's ass play skill seems to be broken and on use a weird message pops up at the top of the screen.

Warriors ass play skill is also broken.

Thanks for the info. It's resolved now.

i try to play this on mobile during the most recent update and get to my first level up but the button doesn't appear. Is this a mobile problem or are others having this too?

I am having the same problem. web-user.

Thanks for the info. It's resolved now. 

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how do I level up?

Sorry for the trouble, it's fixed now.

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V.0.2 DEBUG INFO 7/4/2023
The game has been updated to resolve these issues:
- Demon prison quest bug resolved (previously you can unlock the demon prison without fully completing the quest)
- Paralysis debuff resolved (previously may result in error)
- Rogue Muscle Passive is resolved (the correct passive is Backstab, not Speedster)
- Some typos and redundancy resolved
- Level up not working properly
- Ass Play skill is fixed

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If you reach lever 10 as a rogue, you re-unlock again.

Muscle rogue trump, speedster doesn't work.

And some sex scenes doesn't work, does it need a certain build or certain affinity?

And I took a little peek in the images files , some reason there's an unveiled Manuis?

Yep, there were details that I forgot. Speedster was an old move I scrapped, it should've been Backstab but I missed to change it on the skill tree, I'll try to renew it asap. Oh, what sex scenes that don't work?

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Not sure, the last couple of scenes of each third stage demon, in the Demon's keep. The text is there, but you in white, not blue.

Oh it was still on development during that version. It's available on the newest patreon build tho hohoho!

You need to change the berserker bangle for the rogue build

Yep, I've realized it but haven't been able to implement the change. Try to abuse it while you can.

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Ok, wathever nerf you done to dark horse it wasn't enough he's still a major difficult spike like what the hell!?

Also having this game be a live browse runing one is kind of detrimental to itself due to the lack of a saving function, hope it ends up developed into a proper game for both PC and Android

Download through the itch app. Then you can keep the saves.


The "Save to File" function works just fine, and is a better alternative if you like to keep deleting browser cache and the like.

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