Welcome to Path of Ascension, an adult growth-RPG.

Hello everyone. This is a new growth-vore-rpg game available, Path of Ascension. This is an open-world vore growth game where you can do whatever you want. You can become a guy with a blubbery body or someone with titanic "assets". Build your harem of femboys, musclular bros, or a bunch of fatties. It's up to you!

Since this is the early build, I’m going to be honest and say that it won’t have the same amount of content as Demoneater. But because this won’t have the same mistakes or bloated contents as Demoneater, it will be a better pron game. If you guys have any suggestions or input, don’t hesitate to let me know!


If you have any complaints or suggestions, feel free to discuss or comment below. You can access the latest and premium version of the game through the Patreon link here:

Patreon Link

Note: The game is best played on pc browser. My Social Media: FurAffinity & Twitter

Updated 23 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
TagsAdult, Bara, Erotic, LGBT, Monsters, Text based

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bug report (if this can be considered a bug): after exceeding ~250 of either Strength or Mass the character's description reverts to just "thin brolf," it doesn't elaborate any more, just "thin brolf"


I understand it's best played on PC browser, but is there a way to play it 'offline' while still using the browser?

Heyo, ver 0.2 is now available here, and the newest ver 0.25 is now available on Patreon, which already addresses the height cap growth issue.


Quite a few issues with demoneater are sadly present in this one. Pretty much an endless grind.

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I second all the other complaints about how the growth falls off and I'd like to actually suggest a solution: make it so your stats level faster the greater the difference between them and the highest stat (I.E. fat is my highest stat, so muscle and naughty bits should level faster until they catch up), while the highest stat itself levels faster as you start slowing down on getting taller, because if the mass isn't raising your height that much then it should raise your width faster


Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to tweak it to resolve the balancing issues. 


This update basically made the game Demoneater v2. Feels like a backwards trend rather than forward. Don't know how to feel about this.


Ironic. The developer tried to escape from the flaws of their previous game by making a new one, but somehow included the very same flaws in the new game.


to sum up. Main thing i don't like in update - you cant train all stats anymore. In previous version, you train stats until they are maxed out and you need to ascend to new form. In this version you train one stat, or more than one, but you are limited by your height, at one moment enemies start to give you 0 height and dont train a stat anymore.  But you can try and grind few hours for a few extra points. So it is basically the same lvl up system from demoneater but hidden. If you dont have trained stats you cant win, you cant train stats if you had idea to have muscular huge ero wolf, because enemies dont make you grow anymore. It is still more pleasureable to play than demoneater but i completely dislike trend of this update, where it takes the development of the game. The balance need some work, because ero build is unplayable at the moment, muscle build buff your main attack so it is pretty good, i have not tried weight build.


it is good game


entice is really weak, you have over 30 cm and it still deal so little dmg. Basic entice makes less than 4 dmg that is not enough to deal even with rabbit at the point where you must fight bigger enemies for a growth, which makes ero build unplayable


this update made game more like demoneater. You grind essence and bigger enemies, if you want bigger form you need bigger enemies or grind current for hours, i don't really iike that. I like change of main plot but i am sad that we lost family and town, now it is just wild creatures/animals

What are you using to make this game? 


nice beta, i like the idea so far more than demoneater. demoneater have some serious balance problems so far. Would  follow for the next updates.


How do i ascend to a high form?


neat beta!

completely aware that there's another version released currently on your Patreon, but just want to point out a couple bugs, if they haven't been addressed yet.

Time system seems to completely halt progression. No fail state and no ability to perform actions once insufficient time is available. unable to figure out how to progress to the next day once, or before, time is exhausted.

The only crafted item and the smith I purchased could not be figured out how to use it (the healing one).

Battle items do not seem to display in combat after purchasing from the store. uncertain if there is a backpack system put in place.

completely disregard this is the issues have already been addressed and fixed in the backer build, or if there's a fix for these if these are glitches that occur and can be corrected.


Hi, the save button should appear now. There is an itch.io error formatting that causes the left menu bar to not appear.

its amazing needs save right now but cant Wate fore more with how good it is ^w^


A way should be made to save the game

You should be able to save if you are using pc/laptop in non-incognito website

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nope, left sidebar is there, but too narrow to fit anything like a save button from Demoneater(TM).

  • Page scale is 100%
  • Browser is Google Chrome (latest)
  • Image (4 ex. of a characher) crops on the sides
    • fixes by enabling fullscreen mode and turning down a scale, if fullscreen is not enough

Scale has no impact over sidebar, so no save button in reach(

Reach me out here, or over Discord (@SadMod) if you would like some more info or need to test smth out 


Layout bug?

it looks like this for me (1920x1080x100%) 


Looks great so far

I have high expectations for this game based on how good the others are

Thanks for the fun games

there is no AV?


Option to breed Dad when!? 👀



Can't wait to Play!

It's Here!!!

And i'm First i Think! ^^