A short visual novel where you become a wagie, cleaning the nastiest big burly guys.

How to Play: When you clean your client, you get an affection point; choosing the right answer during events will also make your affection point higher. When your affection point is maxed, you can unlock "fun" scenes with the characters.

There are 3 characters for the public version and 1 additional character for the patreon version.

Warning: If you don't like musky, sweaty, smelly stuff, then this game is not for you.
This game is a one-month project, so there are no planned future updates. However, if it receives lots of support, I'll definitely consider adding more features and characters.

If you have any complaints or suggestions, feel free to discuss or comment below. You can access the complete version of the game through the Patreon link here.

Note: The game is best played on pc browser. My Social Media: FurAffinity & Twitter

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Bara, Fantasy, Furry, LGBT, Monsters, Text based


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Can I ask what the final relationship level is? i got to "attracted' for each character but I'm unsure if  that's the end point or if I have to grind out more to properly max them out.

Do you know when you'll be able to release an update? I love this and can't wait for more!


This game is really good! I would love that you continued it on a future. Also the secondary effects would be cool if they could open scenes or events,like the every 2 options have effects and you could see how they react to your body changes. Maybe a ending could be that if you reach the changes of everyone 2 options, the tavernkeeper doesn't know if fire you or what because you become Muskier than the clients(and also bigger)

It could lend you to 4/5 finals.

If you get both options scene's max changes on one character, that could led you to a ending(to make 3 endings on the free,and 4 on the paetron one)

And the special ending when you got all the max changes(maybe leading to a messy but fun ending with everyone)


Hi i just wanted to know is there a specific way to trigger the events or to get the options


this is actually a really nice but simple game, i hope that it does get a few updates in the future

I like Both Game and can't wait to see gonna happen in this game and Demoneater and also i hope you can also make them fall for you as well


I know its a minor complaint but would it be possible to make a version where you have to click the hotlinks to progress? It's just a personal taste thing since since I like to click and highlight as I read on pc, plus I'd be able to copy the super hot parts down to read for later.

Either way I'm greatly enjoying it so far: hot characters, hot kinks, hot scenario, and hot writing. Would love to see more from it!

Thanks! I'll try to do that, or just have a big continue button if there is an upcoming update.

you can have also have it be on the space key or enter as an alternative, having the whole screen be a big button is more cumbersome than convenient ^^u



For a second, I thought you were submitting this for the bara jam.


Oh, I have no clue what bara jam is. I'll look into it.

thats is so weird cuz there is a "submission to bara jam 2023" link under "rate this game" what the heck haha

Yeah, I just simply clicked submit after hearing it from TerreTheMageslayer


I love how raunchy everything is I just wish we could top and fuck Arthus's and Ulric's asses xP


Nah, they're alpha males. They wouldn't let their asses be claimed, but we'll see in the future ^v^


But they should let us top them. Like, explicity describing their assholes is the equivalent of teasing a starving man with food right in front of him and throwing it in the trash right in front of them. Seriously, games where you don't have the option to top are a big issue in this fandom this is why I really hope you allow us to top them all

Ohohoho. Well, if I have more time I'll definitely create top scenes too.


Then I pray that you have more time, thanks man!